Explore: A World Without TV

Hello friends,

I hope your weeks have been going well as the new year is upon us! Have you been sticking with the resolutions you made?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve come to the realization that  in order for me to achieve a lot of my goals, I’ve really got to change my routine. I discovered there’s a huge distraction in my world that gobbles up my time and does not allow me to focus on more important things, like my resolutions. That big distraction, is our television.

I am in a routine where immediately in the morning, I wake up and turn on the TV. After work, I come home and before even making dinner, I’ll turn on the TV. Mind you, while I’m cooking I cannot hear or see the TV, so that’s a wasteful habit in and of itself. I’m in a rut where TV is just comfortable background noise. And to be honest, a lot of times even if the TV is on, I’m not watching it. I’m probably laying on the couch, scrolling through my phone or as of late, you can most likely find me sleeping.

Once the TV goes on I feel as though my night is just that. TV watching, phone scrolling and sleeping by 8pm. I lose the motivation to do yoga or write a blog or read my 10 pages, because I get sucked in to being a comfortable blob while my mind is not challenged to grow. This is not how I want to live and I definitely do not want my child to be raised in front of the TV screen. Life without TV is quiet and pretty soon, I will not know ‘quiet’ as I do now, so before baby comes, I’m going to soak up every second of it.

Now, maybe some of this routine has to do with the fact that it’s currently winter in the Midwest. That means, when I get home at 6PM, it’s dark (and already has been for nearly 2 hours), it’s freezing and there’s not a whole lot to do outside. Because of this, us Midwesterners get trapped into our homes and most of us sit in front of a TV to pass the time.

Over the next month, I plan to challenge myself to break this habit. Instead of watching TV all night once I get home, I plan to go in a separate room and do something productive – read, yoga, write a blog, etc. I’m not going to cut it out completely because there are still a few shows that I’m interested in watching; Wheel of Fortune, This Is Us and Teen Mom (stop judging me, you know you watch it too) to be specific. Instead of watching TV all night, I’ll pop in front of the TV when these shows are on and once they’re over, I’ll leave the TV and go do something else.

I talk a lot about health and wellness, and I do a lot to keep my body healthy; working out and eating a mostly healthy diet. However, wellness is mind, body and soul and TV is not fostering any healthy habits for my mind, or body or soul for that matter.

Do you have a TV in your home? How often do you watch it? Does it distract you from completing other tasks?

Do you want to join me in this monthly TV cleanse? If so, let me know in the comments below. We can hold each other accountable and then in a month, talk about all of the amazing things we accomplished with the extra time we had! Good luck!

Until next time..

Explore: 30 days with no added sugar

Hi friends! I hope all has been excellent with you all! The busy summer has taken over but I’ve had a bit of a revelation over the past week and I wanted to share my thoughts and observations with you!

We’ve got a lot to catch up on, but I’ll keep it brief. If you are following me on Instagram (@MrsLeahBates), I’m sure you’re already in the know. First things first, the marathon is in 62 days (WUT!). I’m up to 16 miles as my longest run so far and I’m feeling great. Secondly, I reached my fundraising goal of $1,000 for Girls on the Run!! Along with all of the generous donations from friends, I planned and organized a fundraiser, Shred To Inspire. It was a huge hit with 20 people signed up and $500 raised!

All of my training has forced me to really examine my nutrition. I indulged a bit too much in July and used the excuse ‘well, I ran a lot today so  large ice cream and a beer is ok.’ Don’t get me wrong, it IS ok. It’s not so much the calorie intake I was worried about, it’s more so the way that I felt and the way that I trained due to my diet. For this reason, hubby and I decided to cut out added sugar from our diet for the month of August.

Before starting, I knew things like ice cream and cookies were going to be cut out. However, I didn’t realize ketchup, mayo, bread, some deli meats and bacon.. literally almost everything, has added sugar. It’s scary and eye-opening to realize all of the places we can find added sugar without necessarily indulging in anything sweet. During this process I do still plan to drink protein shakes a couple of days per week. My protein powder has <1g of sugar so technically, I guess you could say, I’m on a very low, no-sugar added diet. But throughout the month, that along with the occasional piece of gum will be my only added sugar intake.

You might be thinking, ‘So, what are you eating then?’ Well, pretty much nothing that is prepackaged. No ketchup or mayo or dressing from a bottle, everything is homemade using whole30 and no sugar added recipes. It does takes a little bit of extra time to meal prep on Sunday’s now, but once I’m done, we have breakfast, lunch, snacks and sauces ready to go for the week. Then, once I get home I just make dinner with all of my precut veggies or warm up my roasted veggies and that’s it!

You’re probably asking yourself, “but is all of the extra meal prep time worth it”? So far, yes!! The first 2-3 days, I felt extremely tired. My body was probably on a super detox because we had just topped off our last sugary day with a largeeee ice cream, beer, nachos, a burger and #alltheranch. Other than that, throughout the week, I felt pretty normal and didn’t have too many sweet cravings (probably because of all of the fruit we’ve been eating).

I did have an awesome ‘aha’ moment this passed weekend on my long run. When I started no added sugar, I was thinking I’d make and exception for Gatorade and Gu or blocks during my long runs. Then I realized I could try dates, a naturally occurring form of instant sugar and carbs. I brought 2 dates with me for my run + 1/2 of a lara bar (I ate the other half of the lara bar before I left the house). At mile 5, I was about 45 minutes into my run and could tell I was starting to wear down. I ate my first date and instantly felt better. I didn’t get achy in my knees or have to rush to the bathroom at mile 6 or 7 either. Once I hit mile 9.5, it was time for the second date. I thought for sure I’d have to make a stop soon, but no, I felt great. Around mile 12 I ate one half of the piece of lara bar I brought with me and then I rounded out mile 14 with the other half. I got home and felt incredible. 16 miles was my longest run yet and it’s a record breaker because I didn’t stop once for any sort of break except very short water breaks.

However, I will have to see how the next couple of weeks go, as this will now be my new plan for marathon training. I will say that I think eating complex carbs, protein and fat without any added sugar really helped regulate my system throughout the week. By sticking to a no-added sugar diet on my run and finding natural ways to stay fueled, it helped with my success.

I’m so excited to continue this journey and will keep you updated on the outcome of my next long run.

Have you ever done a no added sugar diet? Any tips? Did you notice anything difference in your training or just day to day life? Leave it in the comments!

Until next time..

set goals then demolish them nike quotes

Explore: Your Thoughts,…YES, You Can

Hi Friends! I hope you’re having a great week so far! It’s been a while!! Life happens, doesn’t it? 🙂

I’ve decided to post on my blog when it’s convenient. That might be once per week or once every couple of months. I know what you’re thinking…

Backstreet Boys Quit Playin Games With My Heart

‘Leah, quit playin’ games with our hearts’

because I change my mind on the frequency of my posts quite… frequently 🙂 . But I realize that I’m not 100% committed to my posts at this point so in order to not get your hopes up, I won’t promise any more regular posts.

Today though, is a very special day, one of my new favorite days in fact. It is #GlobalRunningDay! I’ve fallen in love with this sport over the past year! It’s truly amazing to see how far I’ve come.

Believe me when I say, I was the gal in the gym that did the same 3 miles in 30 minutes on the same treadmill. I refused to run outside and if I ever did run outside, I only lasted for maybe 10 minutes before I got a cramp or convinced myself I couldn’t breathe. I never pushed myself to realize my true potential.

Because of my ‘inability’ to run I felt so trapped at my fitness level. I was stuck in my routine and I couldn’t break out of it because I was telling myself that I couldn’t.

nike quotes

Once I joined the Chicago fitness community through Nike studio classes & running classes, Shred classes, (hot) yoga and more fun fitness events throughout the city, I realized that I CAN. I CAN run more than 3 miles and I CAN run outside. I stopped telling myself no and that is when the doors opened for me. I gained confidence in myself because even if I only ran 3.2 miles or 3.5 miles, it was a stepping stone. As you may or may not know, this new confidence has led me to sign up for the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon! This will be my first marathon and I could not be more excited.

I have decided to run my first marathon on behalf of the Girls on the Run charity. I got involved with Girls on the Run because it is a community of positive role models (coaches) that teach 3rd – 8th grade girls the importance of personal health, community and confidence. The girls go through a 12-week program led by coaches and each week they learn a new lesson. Meanwhile, throughout the 12 weeks the girls are training for a non-competitive 5K.

What were you doing as an 8 year old or a 12 year old? I know for me, I was already worried about how I looked. I enjoyed playing sports, but I never had confidence in myself to forget what other people thought of me on the field – at 8 years old and 12 years old, I was telling myself ‘I can’t’. Girls on the Run is a program that tells girls they can. it helps them develop a healthy community, healthy role models, learn about healthy eating (and no, I don’t mean brainwashing them to only eat organic or vegan or gluten free, etc. but the importance of the basic fruits and vegetables in their well balanced diet), learn about healthy friendships, respect, kindness and goal setting. This list is not exclusive. All of these lessons are learned in a group setting where the girls can talk about hard topics (ex: bullying) in a safe environment. After the lesson, they build up to running a 5K.

This program is truly remarkable. I could go on and on. I WISH I knew of a program like this as a kid. The problem is that a lot of girls (85% of them) request financial assistance to participate. The coaches are volunteers but there are a lot of other details that cost money to run this program (healthy snacks each week, program materials, shirts for the girls, tiaras to celebrate them, etc). Thus, I decided to dedicate my first marathon to these girls. I am asking for your help to raise $1,000 to help support these programs. Help support the 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year old girls who tell themselves ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I have no friends’. Our $1,000 donation can be used in so many ways!

$938: Covers the cost of finisher medals for 700 girls
$761: Covers the cost of training 10 new coaches
$485: Covers the cost of all curriculum materials and supplies for 8 teams
$330: Covers the cost of program t-shirts for 85 girls
$255: Covers the cost of water bottles for 300 girls
$141: Covers the cost for one girl to participate in GOTRC for one season
$47: Covers the cost of the average program scholarship across four income tiers
$25: Covers the cost of 150 bananas for the 5K finish line

All this being said, I’m taking on a new feat with fundraising. I’ve never actually fund-raised money on my own before. It is the road less traveled for me. I’m trying my best to get the word out there, but it’s taking all of this new confidence I have to actually ASK people to help. I believe in this program too strongly to stay quiet. I know I CAN… neigh, WE can raise $1,000 to support this program. I have a donation page you can find here https://www.crowdrise.com/gotrchicagomarathon2016/fundraiser/leahbates . You can give any denomination amount ($10 minimum). You do have to sign up and create a little account but it takes about 3 minutes and it will make such an impact!

If you know someone who would be passionate about this sort of cause, please send along the link for the donation page, or this blog or my instagram (@leahbeutler) or facebook – I’ve recently ramped up my fundraising efforts and I’m hoping to get closer and closer to my $1,000 each day!

I thank you so much for all of your love and support during my training. I thank you so much for all of your donations. The girls of Girls on the Run Chicago thank you even more.

Please use this post as a lesson; NEVER tell yourself you can’t. Do what you’re scared to do. Find something you love and go ALL OUT. Whatever you want to do, YES, you can. It might not happen overnight, but if you plan and prepare, you truly can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Who knows who you’ll be inspiring along the way!

Here is my donation link once again: https://www.crowdrise.com/gotrchicagomarathon2016/fundraiser/leahbates – Thank you so much for all of your help!!

Until Next Time..

everything you want is on the other side of fear

Explore: Blogging

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a great week! In honor of my 1 year blog-iversary last month, I’d like to catch up and review my journey thus far as a blogger. It’s quite an exciting, scary, fun, time-consuming feet that has taught me a lot about myself.

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure I could do it. Me? Blog? About what? I’m the gal who thinks something one day and then has a brand new, grand plan the next day. How in the world could I ever pick one topic to write about when I just don’t know if there’s ONE thing I can write about all of the time? I mean, don’t you want to hear about my meal prep, my cat AND my trips around the world?

Luckily for me, I figured out a way to start a blog which allowed me to switch gears at any time without a hitch; “Explore. Thank. Create.” was born. I was so scared of what people would think about the blog. I’m not a very strong writer when it comes to grammar and punctuation. I put commas all over the place, or I forget them. I also don’t have a big fancy pants vocabulary, I typically converse in layman’s terms 🙂 Compared to all of the other bloggers out there, why would anyone read MY blog? The fear of what people would think or that my blog wouldn’t be ‘good enough’ held me back from writing for a long time. Until one day, I said forget this, I’m going to do it.

Coincidentally, my first post was about fear, and how you should overcome fear because really, it is pointless. Once I got over the hump, a new world opened up!

I began blogging and tried to post very regularly. Then I realized that didn’t work with my schedule and I went on a few hiatuses before I found a sequence that worked for me. This is another good lesson, don’t let a few weeks of derailment throw you off. Life happens and you get busy, you can always pick up where you left off! 

Anywho, I got to thinking and determined,  so what if people hate my blog? I enjoy writing down my thoughts and having a virtual ‘record’ of some of my experiences. Also, I enjoy sharing my ideas. If you hate it, don’t read it and be on your way 🙂 It’s not about what others will or will not think, it’s about pursuing something of interest to me and figuring out how to make that work with my schedule.


Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you were afraid of what others might think? Did you ever pick it back up or is it still hanging over your head for you to start? (If it’s still hanging, pick it back up and start it! 🙂 )

When people ask me what my blog is about, I typically respond with ‘a little bit of everything’. You see, while I’m on this journey through life in my 20’s, I’m still figuring out what that ONE passion of mine is. What can I write a blog about someday which focuses ONLY on that one topic for each post? I think I’m beginning to figure that out (cough, wellness, cough) but I still really enjoy a variety of topics. (On that note, even the wellness topic has a million directions you can take it!) So I thought, just because some blogs focus on one topic, doesn’t mean every blog has to be that way. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about my style of blogging, what I need to do create a blog post, what happens if I’m too busy and most importantly, I’ve learned to let go of fear of not having a ‘good enough’ blog. It’s really just a way I can let my creativity shine and share some vulnerability with the world.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, or a new hobby in general, but you’re scared of what people might think, start now. Seriously, the best thing you can do is start now. It’s going to take some time to figure out how it works, and you’ll get better and better each time. Don’t let the fear of not being good enough or having enough followers or not knowing exactly what to do stop you from being you!

What hobbies are you going to start today? Or, what hobbies have you recently started? Leave your answers in the comments below!

PS. Get out there and live your life! Take each opportunity as it comes and keep at it! With every new thing you try, you could just find your new passion! You’re doing a great job!!!

Until Next Time..

Explore: Colorful Bridges and Great Food

Can you guess how many bridges the city of Pittsburgh has total?

446 bridges. You’re thinking, “Seriously?” Yes, seriously. However, the bridges in Pittsburgh are unlike the bridges in the Midwest; they are steel, colorful and a beautiful accessory for the city skyline.

More impressively, Lea (my sister) and I drove 8 hours to Pittsburgh from Chicago without one song playing or moment of silence. We literally talked the entire drive. So much so that when we arrived in Pittsburgh, I had a sore throat!

This was my first ever time visiting Pittsburgh. Lea and I visited our other sister who currently lives there. #GirlsWeekend Aside from there being Pittsburgh Steelers stuff everywhere, traffic worse than Chicago and the mean drivers, I really enjoyed the city.

Our adventure began on Saturday when we first visited Station Square to do the ‘Just Ducky Tour‘. We grew up with the Ducks tours in the Wisconsin Dells so the nostalgia definitely kicked in. It was also a great way to see the beautiful city of Pittsburgh on not only the land, but water as well.

Our Duck for the tour

“The Castle” My favorite building in the Pittsburgh skyline

Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Bronze statue of Mr. Rodgers

The beautiful bridges of Pittsburgh

After the Duck tour, we had to try a local classic for lunch. We visited Primanti Brothers. Primanti’s was sports bar-esque with delicious local grub. Their claim to ‘almost’ fame is their variety of delicious sandwiches that are served with the meat and fixings of your choosing. What makes these sandwiches special you ask? They add French Fries ON your sandwich. Yes, ON your sandwich. I know, unbelievable.

Aside from the fries on my sandwich, the bread was delicious. It was strong enough to hold together the entire sandwich, yet soft enough to be warm and fluffy. Also, the chicken breast was juicy and flavorful.

This spot was delicious. I would recommend Primanti’s with 4 out of 5 stars. YUM!

I ordered the Cajun Chicken sandwich. It was delicious. There are fries ON my sandwich!

After Primanti’s we did what we do best, we went roller skating.

We luckily decided to try the Neville Roller Drome and we definitely lucked out. The people were so kind and welcoming, they learned our jams and invited us back for a private party the next night. You can check out some of our moves on their Facebook page (Neville Roller Drome) or here Step in the Name of Love Remix Moves. We had the best time and FINALLY have a video to show you how we drop the mic. 🙂

I must say though, driving around downtown Pittsburgh was a nightmare. The main tunnel downtown was closed for construction which caused serious back-up traffic. I felt like I was home in Chicago. Not to mention, some of the drivers were very vocal with their anger. It was tense and a bit intimidating. Thank goodness we made it out of there with stories to laugh about. People were being a bit crazy!

The next day was Sunday, aka Packer game day. Naturally, we went to eat burgers, drink beer and watch football. Even though our Packers weren’t televised, we still had a great time at Burgatory AND it was so yummy! You could customize your own burger down the the type of party and bun. I got a Wagyu patty with a whole wheat bun, Smoked Gouda cheese, spinach, tomato, onions, avocado and a fried egg.YUM!

I would definitely rate them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Create Your Own Burger sheets

My Burgatory creation

After stuffing ourselves with delicious burgers, we visited The Duquesne Incline. The incline is what the minors used to use as transportation to and from the mines. The view at the top was breathtaking, however the ride going up was scarier than the vertical drop on raging bull at six flags. The view and experience is well worth the $5, just make sure you have exact cash change. Seriously.

B r e a t h t a k i n g sunset view of Pittsburgh

We went skating again Sunday evening and skated with a 68 year old rockstar, Don. It was a fun party and we were happy to see our new skate family in Pittsburgh once again. We even got to try a potato and cheese perogi; a Pittsburgh classic. It was very tasty, as was all of the food we tried.

The next morning was bittersweet, as it was time to hit the open road. Before we left, we went out for a delicious brunch. We dined at the Square Cafe and I tried the Crab Benedict with over easy eggs and again, it was delicious. Also, they had awesome photography from local artists on sale as their wall decor and the coolest coffee mugs. It’s definitely a must-try in Pittsburgh!

All in all, our trip was a success. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city with tall and winding hills, colorful steel bridges, beautiful rivers  and great food. I would definitely go back to visit!

Have you ever traveled to Pittsburgh? What do you like or dislike about the city? What should be on my ‘must try’ list for next time? Let me know in the comments!

Travel safe and stay well!

Until next time..

Explore: Greatness

The past few months have seemed to be nothing but change and transition. I left one of my jobs to pursue a different industry. The change was scary. I had a completely new routine. It was uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure what would come of it. It was a risk that ended up leading to a slew of opportunity and confidence.

Not going to lie, in the thick of it, I was scared and hard on myself. ‘What the heck did I do?’ I thought to myself. I’m not particularly akin to taking risks, I tend to find a routine and stick to it. This was my first big career change and in doing so, it helped me break my mold. In the discomfort, I was learning and growing so much and looking back, I’m so happy I took the risk.

Over the past three months, I rekindled my passion for fitness, health and wellness. I didn’t have a gym to workout in everyday so I pushed myself to get up and run outside for my workouts; something I’ve always despised. Today, three months later? I just completed a 7 mile run outdoors.

Additionally, I found workout classes to get involved in that help push me to my limits. While attending classes, I’ve met some really amazing people who I am happy to now call friends. I have found inspiring leaders in the fitness industry to look up to. I learned that working out doesn’t have to mean waking up at the same time, running the same amount of miles on the treadmill and lifting the same weights each day. In fact, it’s so much better when there’s variety.

Not only am I involved with new fitness and wellness activities that personally benefit me, I found two amazing organizations to get involved with in the Chicago area.The first is Bright Pink. Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. The second is Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run-Chicago is a non-profit after-school program that uses the power of running to educate and prepare 3rd-8th grade girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. I’m part of two bigger wellness missions and it feels absolutely amazing.

Finally, I learned that I love marketing. I stepped away to pursue sales and event planning which was great, but I’m a creative person and I love the field of marketing. That being said, I’m starting a new career in marketing this week. The catch, it’s in an industry in which, I have very little experience; the financial industry.

Am I 100% ready for a brand new routine again? No. Was I ready for all of the change that came my way three months ago? No. Am I scared of what’s to come and what’s expected of me? Heck yeah! The difference now, is that I realize change brings amazing opportunities to light. Just like we learned in physics, an object in motion tends to stay in motion, well our bodies are objects and so, as long as you’re moving along, God will be there to guide you. The problem ensues when we stop moving. God can work to mold us so much easier if we get up, get out and get moving. Go take risks, it brings you closer to greatness.

It’s scary, I know. But maybe you’ll learn that whatever the new thing is, that it’s totally your thing. Maybe I start this career and learn that I prefer the financial industry over the sports industry; maybe I think it’s the worst thing ever. Either way, would I have ever known this if I never tried something new? The answer is no. The best part is, either way, I’m learning, I’m growing and I’m getting closer to figuring out what God’s plan is for me.

What are you doing to take risks? How are you growing? Maybe it’s a new job. Maybe it’s a new way of thinking about yourself. Maybe it’s getting up in the morning and walking a mile outside even though it’s early, you don’t want to and you hate working out outdoors. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Even if you think, ‘Man I’m no good at this, there’s no point’, KNOW that there IS a point. The point is to better yourself. The point is to start something today that you can look back on in three months or six months or one year and say ‘Wow, remember when I started and I wasn’t that great? Look at me now, I’m better!’

I’d love to hear about the things you’re trying to accomplish, even if you’re not necessarily ready. What are you doing that’s scary? What are you doing to achieve greatness? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time..

Explore: Something More

When’s the last time you did something that really scared you? How often do you partake in events that will challenge you?

To be quite honest, I pretty much abide by the rules and play it pretty safe. I love to explore new things but a lot of times, my exploring is still within the borders of my comfort zone. Rarely do I make a drastic decision that doesn’t seem ‘safe’ in my mind. That being said, I’ve felt stuck.


I would try and fill my life with new places to see or things to do and it’s all great and I’m in love with adventure but after all was said and done, I still felt a little bit empty. I felt like I was missing something.I felt as if there were more out there and I was just driving along the safe route because it was easy and it was comfortable. So I decided to make a change. I decided that I wanted to find that ‘something more’. Venturing outside of my comfort zone is really difficult for me because I hate not being in control, I hate not being able to plan and I hate waiting for hindsight to prove if I made a good decision or not. I’m afraid of messing up.

In-spite of all of these objections, I quit my comfy, corporate job which was home to me these past two and a half years.



Everything I worked to build, I said goodbye to. It’s been two weeks since I left and I’ve already learned so much about myself, my faith in God and my ability to persevere that although I miss the comfort of my past, I am so excited to find the fulfillment I have been searching for, in my future.

I did have another job lined up to bounce in to but despite what you may think, it wasn’t necessarily a ‘step-up’. It’s more of an exploration move,.. a fulfillment move. With less of everything in this new position, I’ve learned that trusting God is key through it all. Trusting he will care for me and provide for me and trusting that He has a plan for me so I need not worry are the new insights I’ve gained through this ‘uncomfortable’ experience.

Typically, we think of ‘good’ or ‘happy’ as ‘comfortable’ but God sometimes puts us in uncomfortable situations to help mold us and grow us. I prayed so much before this decision to quit my job, and I went to seek counsel from many sources to help me decide. When I didn’t see or hear a clear sign, I was told ‘maybe this is God’s way of saying “you go ahead and choose, I’ll be here regardless with something better”‘


Through this, He’s taught me to just trust Him. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a process to trust Him because I still like control and comfort. However, knowing that I can trust God because He has a plan and that it’s far greater than mine, it gives me such peace.

I made this move to explore the outer boundaries of my comfort zone. I thought to myself ‘If I stick with what I know then I’ll always be a little bit empty’. I want to feel so fulfilled in my line of work. I want to help others, be creative, switch up the routine, be active; there’s so much potential that I can bring to the table and I’ve got to work to seek out opportunities that can fulfill my desires. I must say, I truly did enjoy every experience I gained in my first ‘post college’ job. I learned so much and grew so much. I was given many opportunities for advancement and responsibility and it helped me become a better customer service-er, market-er, listen-er, Microsoft excel-er 🙂 . I do not regret anything. I am just craving fulfillment and in a city as big as Chicago, there’s gotta be something out there for me. There’s gotta be something more.

I challenge you to leave your comfort zone. Try something new. Maybe it’s not quitting your job but do something that scares you. It floods you with a refreshing boost of confidence and helps bring you closer than ever to your faith. It’s really amazing what we are capable of when we put our minds to it!!

I’ll leave you with this song to help cheer you on to find your something more.

Until Next Time..