ETC: Week 40

Hello friends!

I hope all is well! This past week, we made it to 40 weeks! It’s very bittersweet because I am very happy baby girl is fully cooked, but I’m also very anxious to meet her already!

We had a rather busy week and even had some visitors, but still, no baby!

Our 40-week weekend was beautiful; warm and filled with sunshine! Saturday we ran our weekly errands and Sunday we didn’t move until about 1pm. After relaxing all morning, we decided to go on a long walk. We walked down to the lakefront path and took a stroll through Andersonville on the way home. It was nice to reminisce along my old running path. Once Naomi is here and old enough to be in the jogging stroller, she will quickly become well acquainted with that path as well!

I worked from home this week which was extremely stress relieving. Not having to commute on crowded public transportation or worry about my escape route from downtown to up north if labor were to start was a blessing. Also, not having to try and fit in to office maternity clothes was pretty nice. At this point, a few maternity items still fit because they are stretchy, but are they by no means comfortable.

My mom and sister also came to visit this week. Unfortunately for them, when they booked the trip, they had planned to spend time with the baby since it was technically 2 days passed my due date that they would arrive. Joke was on all of us because, Naomi never made her grand entrance into the world.

It was nice to see them both one last time without a baby though. We went to Homeslice pizza one night and Xoco another night. Two places we wouldn’t have been able to check out with a newborn. We also stopped and walked around Oz park. Did you know, the statues can talk to you?!?! You enter a website on your phone then Dorothy or Tin Man will call you and talk to you for a minute or two. It’s a neat idea and I can’t wait to take Naomi to see them, once she’s old enough to understand the hype.

My mom and sister left at the end of the week but booked another stay the first weekend in May. They will be guaranteed to meet Naomi this next time around!

It was also our precious Pumbaa’s birthday this week! He is 7 and I cannot believe where the time went. I adopted Pumbaa when I moved to Whitewater for college and since then, he’s become such an important part of our family. I hope he loves Naomi as much as he loves us. It may take some getting used to, but he’s a cuddly lover so I have faith in him.

We made it the entire week, everyday asking ourselves ‘is today the day?’ We’ve tried nearly every home remedy people suggest and have answered the “where is she” or “how are you feeling” question at least 55 million times (little to no exaggeration on that estimated number). I’m fully convinced that all of these “at home labor inducing tricks” only work if baby is ready and Naomi is just not ready yet.

It’s definitely bittersweet going past your due date. Yes, I am so happy she’s fully developed in my belly, but we are anxiously awaiting her arrival. There’s a sense of frustration that kicks in when you wake up in the morning and realize it’s time to get up for work but you haven’t had any contractions and today may not be the day. However, it’s a blessing to continue feeling her movements. Soon, she will only be able to kick me from the outside 🙂

Currently, I am 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Our next update WILL have a baby update because I will be induced at the end of the week if she doesn’t come out on her own. I personally think she just wanted to wait for the month of May because Te’s birthday is also in May; so we have a serious daddy’s girl on our hands! 🙂

We cannot wait to meet our little bundle and I cannot wait to be done with pregnancy! We’ve got quite an exciting week ahead – Stay tuned!!

Until next time..

ETC: Week 39

Hi friends!

I hope your weeks are going well! We’ve had a great week so far as we continue to await the arrival of our little princess.

Our favorite part of the city 🤗

During our 39th week we didn’t have much going on, and it was amazing! The weekend weather was absolutely beautiful so we went on several super long walks. Walking is supposed to help induce labor, but I’m not sure it works for those of us who ran (marathons) during our entire pregnancy. Usually, the walks are just a way to stay sane and get out of the house. Also, it’s a fun way to explore the city as just Te & Leah, before we have a minion tagging along with us 🙂

We walked down to Lincoln Square in search of some raspberry leaf tea. The tea is supposed to help with labor (shorten it and make it less painful) we found it so, we’ll see if that’s true! We stopped in several little shops and had a really wonderful day! 

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, and that was amazing. All week, I was wondering “is today going to be the day?”, “will I go in to active labor on the rush hour train home?”, “when will this baby come out?”. All week, she stayed in her cozy apartment, aka my belly. 

Thursday, we went to eat and it ended in quite a scare. I ended up having a full blown panic attack due to a strange feeling I got in my lips after eating. It was very scary but after I spoke with the midwives and Te helped talk me down, I was able to relax and get some rest. It was definitely a wake up call that even though I’m pretty relaxed about the transition ahead, there’s a lot going ‘behind the scenes’ and even a small uncertainty can trigger a big reaction. Thankfully, I have a great teammate in my corner to help me work through it all. ❤

Friday, after work, Te pointed out that it was the last time we’d be driving home together (I’ll be working from home until maternity leave starts). It was a tough realization because not just our after work routines, but literally, our whole lives are going to change. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited to start the “family” chapter, but it’s kind of sad knowing that the “Te and Leah only” chapter is coming to a close. It also made me sad realizing all of the times I would get sassy towards Te on the way home for no big reason. So, I cried. 🙂 haha 

After pulling it together, we decided to go out to dinner again because there are only so many more days of just us, plus I wanted to end our twosome date nights on a good note instead of the panic attack feelings of the night before. We went to a delicious burger place in the city and afterwards, we got deep dish cookies. Seriously. They were amazing! It was such a wonderful night and I have never felt so in love with my husband, who very soon, I will have to share with another little lady. 

Even though Te and I will have completely new schedules and routines and worries and frustrations, I am so confident in our partnership that I’m not worried about figuring it out. He’s such a wonderful partner in every way and I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey with him!

I am getting so excited to meet this little girl! I hope she comes soon! This Saturday, we hit 40 weeks and still no baby. Stay tuned for next week’s update. Hopefully we have a bumpdate + a baby update from our 40th week!

Until next time..

ETC: Week 38

Hi friends!
I hope everyone is having a great week! This past week we completed our 38th week of pregnancy. We are coming so close to meeting our little girl and we can NOT wait!


Olive Park – Chicago, IL

Luckily, no one was sick this week – Thank you, Jesus! 🙂 To start off the 38th week, we took a trip downtown to visit Olive Park. It is a very pretty part of the city and the weather was gorgeous! I started feeling some pains in my lower belly area while walking – they amounted to nothing but it was reassuring that my body seems to be preparing for labor and delivery!

After being sick last week, I took it easy this week. Instead of 5 am wake up calls to go to the gym, I started getting up at 6 and going on a 2 mile walk around my neighborhood. This is definitely a change in pace for me. I am used to HIIT and running workouts followed by weight training, so allowing myself to learn to apprecite walking as a workout has been interesting. It definitely feels good to stay mobile throughout these last couple of weeks, but I cannot wait to get back to running!

Monday at work they threw me a baby shower. We had a delicious Sweet Mandy B’s cake (Chocolate with vanilla frosting – YUM) and the sales team got together and got Te and I an extremely generous gift card to Target. We are very thankful to have so much support from both of our work families in the city! I had a doctor appointment on Monday night (as I do every Monday now days :)) and it was super quick. Everything seems good, we’re just waiting on baby girl to come on out!

Tuesday night we had some friends over, Natalie and Reni, for a taco Tuesday celebration. It was so wonderful to see them and catch up! They just returned from a trip to Japan so we talked all about their travels and caught up on life. We also asked them to be Godparents to our little Naomi and we are so excited they said yes! 🙂 She is so lucky to have such positive influences in her life – they will be such great role models for her growing up!!

The rest of the week, we took it easy as well. We continue to clean the house and prep for baby as much as possible, but we’re pretty much all set. Now, we wait! I am feeling very ready to meet the baby! Also, I only have a few items of clothing that fit me now and I refuse to buy anything new, so dressing for work.. and life, really, is becoming quite a challenge. Also, the swelling I’m experiencing in my feet/ankles/legs/fingers is intense. I am ready to be done with the discomfort that comes along with these last couple of weeks!

Te and I put a fun little bet on Naomi’s birthday. I said April 16th (Which if you’re reading this now, it didn’t happen..) and Te said Thursday, April 20th. We’ll see if either of us are right! I couldn’t care less what day she comes, I just pray she comes before or on her due date. I am not looking forward to 41 weeks of pregnancy – I want to meet you little Naomi!! 

We just started our 39th week of pregnancy this past Saturday and we are hoping it was the last bump photo we have to take! I’ll update you next week with a bumpdate and HOPEFULLY, a baby intro! 🙂

Stay tuned!

Until next time..

Explore: A World Without TV

Hello friends,

I hope your weeks have been going well as the new year is upon us! Have you been sticking with the resolutions you made?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve come to the realization that  in order for me to achieve a lot of my goals, I’ve really got to change my routine. I discovered there’s a huge distraction in my world that gobbles up my time and does not allow me to focus on more important things, like my resolutions. That big distraction, is our television.

I am in a routine where immediately in the morning, I wake up and turn on the TV. After work, I come home and before even making dinner, I’ll turn on the TV. Mind you, while I’m cooking I cannot hear or see the TV, so that’s a wasteful habit in and of itself. I’m in a rut where TV is just comfortable background noise. And to be honest, a lot of times even if the TV is on, I’m not watching it. I’m probably laying on the couch, scrolling through my phone or as of late, you can most likely find me sleeping.

Once the TV goes on I feel as though my night is just that. TV watching, phone scrolling and sleeping by 8pm. I lose the motivation to do yoga or write a blog or read my 10 pages, because I get sucked in to being a comfortable blob while my mind is not challenged to grow. This is not how I want to live and I definitely do not want my child to be raised in front of the TV screen. Life without TV is quiet and pretty soon, I will not know ‘quiet’ as I do now, so before baby comes, I’m going to soak up every second of it.

Now, maybe some of this routine has to do with the fact that it’s currently winter in the Midwest. That means, when I get home at 6PM, it’s dark (and already has been for nearly 2 hours), it’s freezing and there’s not a whole lot to do outside. Because of this, us Midwesterners get trapped into our homes and most of us sit in front of a TV to pass the time.

Over the next month, I plan to challenge myself to break this habit. Instead of watching TV all night once I get home, I plan to go in a separate room and do something productive – read, yoga, write a blog, etc. I’m not going to cut it out completely because there are still a few shows that I’m interested in watching; Wheel of Fortune, This Is Us and Teen Mom (stop judging me, you know you watch it too) to be specific. Instead of watching TV all night, I’ll pop in front of the TV when these shows are on and once they’re over, I’ll leave the TV and go do something else.

I talk a lot about health and wellness, and I do a lot to keep my body healthy; working out and eating a mostly healthy diet. However, wellness is mind, body and soul and TV is not fostering any healthy habits for my mind, or body or soul for that matter.

Do you have a TV in your home? How often do you watch it? Does it distract you from completing other tasks?

Do you want to join me in this monthly TV cleanse? If so, let me know in the comments below. We can hold each other accountable and then in a month, talk about all of the amazing things we accomplished with the extra time we had! Good luck!

Until next time..

nutrition and eating well is a form of self respect

ETC: A 4 Week Nutrition Journey – Part 1


Hi friends! It’s Wednesday once again! I hope your weeks are going great. Spring is here! To all of my readers in snowy states, we made it through yet another winter! Congrats to us! 🙂

Spring is a wonderful time of transition. A fresh start, a new beginning and a bright outlook are all feelings that come to me when I think of Spring. Coincidentally, March is National Nutrition month. Whhhaatt? Yup. What a perfect time to evaluate your nutrition habits and goals!

I should start off this post with a disclaimer that I am not a nutritionist or registered dietitian. I only have my personal experience and knowledge I’ve learned from a variety of sources which guide my personal food decisions. What works for me may not work for you. However, by sharing what works for me, you might learn a few healthy tips that would work in your own life. That is what I am hoping for!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk nutrition. Nutrition is definitely a tough topic. We all know what we should be doing: eat more fruits and vegetables, less sweet treats and drink more water. But it’s not always easy to choose a salad over Taco Bell. Over the next four weeks I will explore some common objections to healthy food and offer practical tips you can follow to get you started on a path of owning your health. Each post will also include a quick recipe (or cooking tip) for you to try out!

First things first, let’s figure out why you’re choosing Taco Bell (or insert favorite fast food restaurant here). There’s probably a few reasons:
1. It’s cheap
2. It’s quick
3. You avoid having to cook
4. It’s tasty

The list probably goes on but I can imagine those are some of the most popular objections. All of which, I can 100% relate to. I am always on a budget, pressed for time, some nights have zero desire to cook and I obviously always want to eat tasty food. Let’s dissect each of these objections over the next 4 weeks and hopefully, each week you’ll be a little bit more convinced that you too can eat healthy! Please keep in mind, eating healthy isn’t only about what you look like on the outside; yes, it’s great to lose weight and feel great about how you look, however the most important thing, is what is happening on the inside of your body. When you constantly feed your body highly processed foods, you’re harming your insides and setting yourself up for serious health problems as you get older.

Let’s dig in to our objection of the week:
Objection 1. “But Taco Bell is cheap!”
Yes, Taco Bell is cheap. You can get away with an entire meal and a drink for about $7. Amazing! So let’s run with this. Assume you don’t cook at all and you eat out for every meal of the day. (By the way, this example could be using Taco Bell, Subway or Burger King, it doesn’t matter where you’re eating – the principle is the same.) So, let’s estimate $5 for breakfast, $7 for lunch and $10 for dinner. That’s only $22 all day, not bad! Maybe you get a couple of snacks and a Gatorade from the vending machine at work too so let’s round up to $25 per day. You’re probably thinking that so far, Taco Bell is looking like a good option. You can’t imagine that the grocery store would save you money, right?

Well, let’s do the math to see how much that costs us over a week’s time. $25 x 7 days per week is $175. Whoa. Ok, so total, that’s kind of a lot of cash per week. But let’s keep going. Imagine if you’re feeding a family of 2. Ok, so double that and you’re now looking at $350 per week. Wow. Ok, hmm.. What about a family of 4? Let’s assume you have two kids so they only eat $15 of food per day.
$25 x 7 days= $175
$175 x 2 adults = $350
$15 x 7 days = $105
$105 x 2 kids = $210
That gives us a grand total of $560 per WEEK for a family of 4 in fast food.

Now that is definitely a lot of cash. But maybe you’re still thinking, ‘but the grocery store is more expensive.’ Well let’s take a look.

I will use my personal experience shopping which is based on a family of two adults. Typically, we spend a whopping $130 per week on groceries. (Yes, that $130 is including our wonderful 10.25% sales tax, thanks Chicago.) On this budget we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks 7 days of the week. That’s a $45 savings per week. This means, in one month you’d be saving $180 by going to the grocery store and you’d be able to feed yourself and your family healthy meals all day, errday.

I know you are skeptical right now. You can’t believe we only spend $130 per week at the store because each time you go to the store you spend $200 or $300 or more. So how do we get away with spending only $130 per week on groceries for two grown adults who eat at home each meal?

Secrets revealed:

  1. I buy fresh produce and food that will spoil. Instead of paying for boxed, processed foods which can get pretty pricey, I buy fresh peppers and apples and bananas which are usually less than $1 per piece or per pound. By doing this I ensure that we are eating healthy foods and can stick to a budget.
  2. I make sure the recipes I make for the week all have ‘reusable’ ingredients. What I mean by this is, If I’m making a recipe that calls for a ton of bell peppers, I’ll make something else that calls for similar ingredients so my extras don’t go to waste.
  3. We shop at Aldi for most things. Aldi is amazing! It’s a cheap alternative to some of the fancier grocery stores but it has just as many options which are all just as healthy. If you don’t even know where to start when it comes to grocery shopping, especially at Aldi, take a look at the below list which is 90% of what I purchase each week:
    – Coconut oil (for cooking)
    – Trail mix (not the one with m&m’s and reese’s peanut butter cups, the one with nuts and seeds)
    – Granola
    – Eggs
    – Milk
    – Cheese (we always buy brick cheese & shred it but Aldi also has preshredded cheese)
    – String cheese (for snacks)
    – Plain greek yogurt
    – Original unsweetened almond milk
    – Cottage cheese
    – Coffee
    – Tortilla chips (El Milagro, because I’m obsessed)
    – Salsa
    – Honey
    – Cooking spices
    – Produce (avocado, apples, bananas, grapefruit, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, limes, berries, etc)
    – Spinach
    – Turkey bacon
    – Organic black or pinto beans
    – Whole grain bread
    – Oatmeal
    – Tortillas
    – Frozen veggies or fruits
    – Brown rice
    – Organic chicken
    – Canned tuna
    – Sandwich bags (for meal prep)

You see, you don’t need to shop at Whole Foods to be healthy. Your local Aldi has all of these healthy options at (typically) a much lower cost. Two things you must remember when you go to Aldi: 1. Bring a quarter for your cart and 2. Bring your own bags. They do have bags for you to buy each time, but to save a little more money, splurge on a couple of their large, reusable bags for $1 and bring them with you each time.

I do admit, there are a few items for which I will go to a different store (typically Jewel Osco or Mariano’s). I do this because some items are just not available at Aldi. For example, instead of a boxed granola bar with 500 unknown ingredients, I prefer Lara bars with 6 or less ingredients.
Here is a list of those items:
– Sunflower Butter (if you are still eating plain ‘ol peanut butter, make the switch, you will NOT regret it)
– ‘Granola’ Bars (We eat Lara Bars – they are made with only natural ingredients and each bar has only 6 ingredients or less! Talk about eating real food!!)
– Fish and Red Meats (We don’t eat red meat often, but when we do, we buy a very lean version at a different store. The same goes for fish, which we do eat often. I prefer to buy fresh salmon and tilapia versus frozen.)
– Quinoa (I haven’t found a quinoa from Aldi that I like quite yet, but the Aldi alternative to quinoa is brown rice!)
– Individual produce items (sometimes Aldi only has lemons or onions in large bags, but I only need 1 lemon or onion, in this case, I’ll buy an individual item at a different store so I don’t waste the rest)
– Gluten free bread (I’ve recently started eating less gluten and as of today, Aldi doesn’t sell GF bread; if they do someday, I’ll buy it at Aldi!)

FAQs I anticipate after you read this post:
Q: How do you know which items to buy at Aldi versus another store?
A: If something is raw (bell pepper, fruit, egg) I would say it’s 100% fine to buy at Aldi. A fruit is a fruit whether it is $0.69 at Aldi or $1.59 at Whole Foods. Save your money, get it at Aldi. Always look at the labels, the less ingredients listed, the more natural the item is.

Q: Ok, what about the organic options versus non-organic? How do I know what’s important to buy as organic or not?
A: Everyone will have a different opinion on this but I will tell you what I know and believe. I have been told that you should buy anything with a skin you would eat in an ‘organic’ form. That means apples, grapes, peaches, tomatoes – think something you would just wash and bite in to. Anything with a rind (oranges, bananas, etc.) can be organic or not. Do I follow that 100% of the time? No. I usually don’t buy organic EXCEPT for coconut oil and honey. I always 100% of the time buy these two items in their ‘organic’ form. Aldi does offer a section of organic produce for you if you are interested in purchasing organic, 100% go for it!

Q: What if I don’t have time, or the option, to go to various grocery stores?
A: Then don’t! Do what works best for you! I promise, eating a slice of toast with peanut butter topped with a banana from Aldi will be better for you than that quesalupa. Also, your peanut butter banana bread will cost you about $0.50/slice versus the $2 quesalupa.

Q: Ok, so I go buy all of this food but then it takes FOREVER to prepare, I don’t like to cook and I never know how to make my food taste good, what do I do?
A: Stay tuned over the next three weeks and learn how to quickly prepare delicious meals with little effort! I promise to stick with you on this nutrition journey! I truly want to inspire you to learn to love healthy food. Does that mean you can never ever have Taco Bell? No, not necessarily. Balance is key. But don’t rely on fast food! Show your body some love and respect by fueling it with REAL food while saving a boat load of money along the way!

Homework for this week: Take a look at how much you are spending on food each week. Figure out what types of food are you eating, where you are eating and what you are putting in to your body. Next, decide if an extra $180 per month or more is worth it to you. Also, decide if your health is worth it to you. If this is all important to you then use this week to go to your local Aldi and just look around. Since each store is a bit different, see what options they have. Start thinking about what types of foods you could make. Take a pen and paper with you and make a list. Then, stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for more posts on what to make and how to make delicious food quickly!

As promised, below is a recipe I’m sure you’ll love! This recipe is a healthy and delicious side dish or meal. It yields about 6-8 one cup servings and all of the ingredients can be purchased at Aldi.

Edamame, Bacon & Brussel Sprouts Recipe


  • 2 pounds of Brussel Sprouts
  • 20 slices (about 1 package) of Turkey Bacon
  • 1 cup of frozen, shelled Edamame
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp Coconut Oil
  • Salt and Pepper to taste (go easy on the salt, maybe a pinch here or there. Use black pepper [fresh cracked is my favorite], garlic [fresh or powder] and chili powder for added flavor)


  • Heat your oven to 400.
  • Lay your brussel sprouts on a baking pan and drizzle olive oil over top, sprinkle with salt, pepper and seasonings to taste.
  • Mix the brussel sprouts around so they are covered in oil and seasoning then bake in oven for 20-25 minutes, or until tender. Once finished, remove from oven and set aside.
  • While the brussel sprouts are cooking, heat the coconut oil in a frying pan and add your edamame, salt, pepper and seasoning to taste. Sautee for about 5 minutes or until you see some char marks on the edamame. Once finished, remove from heat and set aside.
  • Lay tin foil out on a baking sheet or two (tin foil helps with the clean up!). Place bacon side by side on baking sheet, be sure they don’t overlap but place them close to one another so you can fit as many as possible on one sheet.
  • Bake turkey bacon in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until crisp. Once done, remove from oven and let cool. Once cool enough to touch, break up the bacon into small, bite sized pieces.
  • In a large storage container add brussel sprouts, edamame and turkey bacon and mix together.
  • Enjoy!

Let me know your thoughts, concerns, questions and/or comments below!

Until next time..

ETC: Catching Up

Hi friends!

I’ve been on quite the hiatus and I must apologize! I promised I wouldn’t abandon my blog again.. EEK! Life got a bit crazy and unfortunately, I just didn’t have time. Over the next few weeks I plan to catch you up on all of the news and going forward I plan (not promise, but plan) to keep a steady posting schedule.

So where the heck have I been?

As you all know, Te and I got engaged last October. We initially began planning our wedding for October 2016. Throughout the planning we realized it was not what we had expected. We were not having fun, it was unnecessarily stressful, ridiculously expensive and it truly was not what we wanted. We were trying to fit our ‘dream wedding’ into a tiny budgeted box that was defined by the ‘traditional’ weddings you see left and right and it just wasn’t working. Furthermore, we really wanted to take a step for the Lord and put Him first in our lives and a big step in doing that was having the wedding as soon as possible.

So, after we secured quite a few details for our October soirée (wedding venue, deciding (kind of) on a dress, selecting cupcakes, a DJ, a florist, the wedding party and the bar selection) we changed our plans. During the last few days of January 2016 we decided to undo all of our decisions and get married our way. We chose the soonest date possible which would still allow us enough time to notify family and friends and have some time to coordinate. February 21, 2016 just so happened to be that date!

In 3 weeks we whipped together a bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party and most importantly, our beautiful wedding. The best part is that we did it our way. Not by the standards of anyone else but us. As you can imagine, those three weeks were EXTREMELY busy and thus, no blog posts were created. Now that it’s over, our lives are getting back into the routine and so of course, I had to pick up ETC once again.

During those three weeks there were a couple amazing things that happened which I didn’t get a chance to write about but, I do promise to back track on those topics. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

  1. My 3 year Chicago-versary happened on February 11! Yes, people celebrate moving to Chicago. Why? Because it’s an amazing city where you learn a LOT about yourself, others, community, trust, faith, adventure, etc. Also, why not have another day to celebrate something throughout the year? 🙂
  2. My 1 year blog-iversary happened on February 18! One year ago I started blogging regularly. I remember being so so SO scared to open up about a variety of topics. I was scared because I didn’t have one, focused topic. I was scared because, I’m a rambler, not a writer. But I fought my fear and have been working on generating regular blog content ever since. What a journey! More to come on that 🙂

As you might have picked up on, February is my new favorite month. Not only is it my wedding anniversary, my Chicago-versary and my blog-iversary, it is national margarita day, national drink wine day, national dark chocolate day and national tortilla chip day. (I’m sure there will be a blog about February’s greatness to come as well 🙂 )

For now, I look forward to getting back in to the routine of things! I look forward to continue sharing my goals, thoughts, fears, etc with you all. Thank you so much for sticking with me during all of my ups and downs of blogging!

I’m sure I’ll have more posts about the wedding too. Especially once we get our photos back! I will say that it truly was one of the best days of my life. It was exactly what I wanted for my wedding day; I had a Mexican fiesta with our favorite music on the playlist, a bunch of our closest family and friends and a Sunday brunch wedding in Chicago on a budget we could afford. AND most importantly, I got to marry my best friend. It was perfect. Thanks to God for leading Te and I towards this decision and for really pulling through. SO many mini-miracles happened to help the day run smoothly and ensure family could make it and that couldn’t have happened without God.

Ok, but seriously, I’ll write a separate post about the wedding. 🙂

Until Next Time.. (aka next week, I promise…. I’ll try 🙂 )